Monday, 7 January 2013

                      Eyes on WD Cooncil

It's been a wee while since I have ranted about my local Cooncil,Its pretty hard tae have a rant when the cooncil has gone part-time.Because some of them in the Liebour run Cooncil have full-time jobs. The Cooncil now meet every 3 months so any transparency or accountability is impossible,the leader Councillor Martin Rooney[S.A.D]  runs a tight ship making sure all Councillor's do as he says hence the SAD after his name stands for Short Arsed Dictator. Some may thing I am being cheeky & abusive towards him,but I'm not he likes to dish it out. Lets see how he likes it back. In one of my previous rants I had a go at him for slagging an SNP Councillor, while in the opposition.

     Now Labour have supposedly being running 
     the cooncil since May 2012 but apparently 
     that's not the fact it's been the managers of the 
     various departments that have being doing so.
          How do I know this because its been confirmed 
     by a very reliable sources,if this is the way
     Labour wish tae run the cooncil then they must 
    be held accountable before this starts tae have
    serious consequences for the people & service
    in West Dunbartonshire. Something has to be
   done before this bunch of self serving idiots 
   make a total balls up of the cooncil

            One Scotland, Our Scotland
             Alba gu Brath, Saor Alba

Friday, 28 September 2012

Independence March & Rally

         My Day at Independence March & Rally

Our day out in Edinburgh for the Independence March & rally in pictures & the odd sarcastic comment,we travelled through with members of the SNP from Helensburgh, Dumbarton & The Vale of Leven.

   Waiting for the bus at Balloch at 8:30am YES!

    The Mrs & I on the meadows just about tae set off 

                             The banner says it all really

The Alexandria & Balloch Councillors & Former Councillor With the Banner 

  Dumbarton Banner ready tae go on The Meadows

  The Group Photo already tae march, SAOR ALBA

                    The Bankies SNP ready tae walk

                                   Aye & we are off

 The folk fae Aberdeen wait their turn tae join The March

                    Wee Greyfriars Bobby & His Bunnet

 Aye the Bankies SNP banner in front of us as we head down tae Princess Street Gardens

          We are finally in the Gardens & It's mobbed

Our view of the stage & one of our banners stuck in the hedge

                                The Saltires are flying

  The view from beside the Stage,5,000 yer arse, yee canny count.

 Well thats all the pics of my day at The March & Rally for Independence in Edinburgh on Saturday 22/09/2012. Next year I'll be there again.

                           One Scotland, Our Scotland
                            Alba gu Brath, Saor Alba

Saturday, 25 August 2012

WDC Liebour Cooncil Going For Bust

          W.D.C Liebour Cooncil,Going For Bust

Well for a party who had no manifesto going in to the local Cooncil  elections in May. They have now come up with some wonderful ideas, aye right.

I found it on their web site, Its called Great Expectations-(Charles Dickens) Cooncils Strategic Plan 2012-2017 a work of pure fiction.

Strategic Plan- The political administration policy that sets out the future direction of the Liebour Cooncil (Bankruptcie) It identifies strategy,vision & effectiveness to take the Cooncil forward,Councillor Rooney(Short Arse) said " Our organisational values act as a guiding beacon & provide a framework that underpins the Cooncils vision(Use the SNPs manifesto)

Strategic Policies- SPEND SPEND & INCREASE RENTS by 40 to 50% build new schools,build new houses,improve existing housing stock,create jobs.(Aye they where going to start Apprentices @ £7.50 per hr) Improve the wellbeing of communities & protect the welfare of elderly & vulnerable people( Aye,by privatizing them)

 This is my take of what the Liebour Cooncil plan for the next 5yrs,when the SNP won the 2007 Cooncil Election. The Cooncil where 6mths away from being bankrupt,they turned it round & WDC became one of the best preforming Cooncils, all this good work is about to be undone.

You can read the full Liebour manifesto for WDC here . With the cuts that face the Cooncil  budget over the next few years, It's only going to lead tae one thing for the people who live in West Dumbartonshire are in for a hell of a time. In my opinion WUR FUCKED!  

                          ONE SCOTLAND, OUR SCOTLAND
                             ALBA gu BRATH, SAOR ALBA

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the lies


Well it's been nearly 2 months since Liebour re-took West Dunbartonshire cooncil. Aye they nearly bankrupted it the 
last time they where in charge, apparently the new SNP
cooncil of 5yrs ago took on an administration that was on
the brink. Liebour of course would deny this but we know

I'll start by having a wee pop at their vertically challenged 
leader MR M ROONEY. Who thinks its okay to slag of  a 
fellow Councillor,who happens to be my local SNP 
Councillor & member in my local branch,below
there is an extract from the short arsed leaders facebook page
Their main balls up so far is stopping the transfer of the 
cooncils housing stock, It's going to cost an estimated £95 million
to Improve the housing,resulting in a 40% increases in rents over the next 4yrs. How are they going to raise that a mount of cash?? at

Liebour nearly destroyed West Dunbartonshire before this time I think they may succeed, Well the cooncils in recess till August. When I will rant more about Liebours folly.

                       ONE SCOTLAND,OUR SCOTLAND
                         ALBA gu BRATH,SAOR ALBA

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

                                YES & WHY!

The Yes campaign has started & over the coming months,we will here why Independence is BAD for Scotland from the pro-union party's. We will also hear why Independence is good for Scotland

This is not about any political party's,though the SNP are giving the people of Scotland a chance to decide our country's  future.For to long now the Scottish people have been told what to do by Westminster,in 1997 the people voted for devolved powers.

Though those powers allow a Scottish Government to run the country,its stops short of allowing the Scottish people the freedom to govern ourselves.

In the Autumn of 2014 we will get that chance,I WILL BE VOTING YES & my reason is very simple, I believe that future generations of Scots young & old should benefit from our country's riches, Oil,Whisky, Tourism, Innovations in green energy etc.

Over the coming months I will use my blog as a place for me to rant [I do that already] I will take the spin off it & tell it as I see it, a lot better than shouting at the telly [They cannie hear you ]

                           ONE SCOTLAND,OUR SCOTLAND
                             ALBA GU BRATH,SAOR ALBA

Thursday, 12 January 2012

                           It's Our Scotland 

I have had my fill of Unionist PISH, I am not going to be told how my country is going to "Do As Your Told", Alec beat them to it by saying Autumn2014. I don't know how Westmidden can dictate to us on how OUR REFERENDUM. its our choice.

So it should be the Government of Scotland that decides when it takes the Question to the people, not The UK Government. So Eton Dave & ConDum's,their Labour pals can GO & TAKE A FUCK!. 

Now can we get the peace & the time to organize our own referendum or you can give us your one, then if that's the case. I hope & pray every Woman & man in Scotland vote's YES.

Then at last my country will be FREE to Govern It's Self,without interference from a Government that dictates.

                                  One Scotland,Our Scotland
                                    Alba gu Brath,Saor Alba

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

                            Furtive Treason

It's Started,we now have a time for the Independence Referendum
Autumn 2014. As M Moore stood up too tell Westmidden how they are going to run OUR REFERENDUM ,Alex Salmond informed the people of Scotland its Autumn 2014.

The Unionista's brought forth their spokesperson's & attacked at every opportunity.I don't know about anyone else,but what i have seen so far convinces me that the Unionista's have one hell of a job on their hands.Why? because of Dave's announcement on Monday, the SNP web site was having problems coping with the demand for new membership's.

So over the next few years watch for the Furtiveness of  ermine clad Lord's & MP's who will betray their fellow Scot's,so be aware that not all you hear is true but propaganda,furtiveness  & treachery. 

                                  One Scotland, Our Scotland
                                    Alba gu Brath, Saor Alba